The Right Dose of Random

I think I may have found a favorite tea room in Philadelphia.

The Random Tea Room, a small, mostly quiet cafe on an unassuming street in Northern Liberties. On one side of the room, a wall of David Bowie artwork (which is for sale, as is almost everything in the shop, and so perhaps changes depending on the season/what sells?). On the other, a wall of tea sachets and tins, glass bottled honey, and scrumptious-looking baked goods. The seating ranges from charming light blue fauteuil to a white stool reminiscent of a Go chip. The back of the shop is the counter, with friendly, tattooed staff (along with a few of their friends, on a Sunday afternoon) who serve up the various teas.

I was in the mood for something iced, so I only looked at their Iced Tea menu (I chose Moroccan Mint, not as good as the one I had at the mosque in Paris, but still good), but next time I’ll be sure to examine the entire collection. They also have some light food items like granola and parfaits.

A perfect place to sit, chat with friends, read a book, or do some gift shopping.


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