Church on a Sunday

Though I’ve never  been to Church in the way a Christian might, I absolutely love going into churches and experiencing the serenity within. This began after I spent time in France (and took a course on medieval French architecture) where I got to go to some really remarkable churches and cathedrals. While on my Sunday afternoon…

Franklin Square

Sometimes, all you have to do is travel a block or two to find something marvelous. I go to Chinatown every week, and I never realized this little park was right next door! Franklin Square, Philadelphia on a sunny Sunday.

More Books! More Candy!

Today’s Sunday walk consisted of roaming around my favorite parts of Philadelphia. After yesterday’s visit to the Book Barn and Eclat, I wasn’t planning on entering any more book shops or candy stores for a while……but when life gives you lemons (or chocolates, caramels and books), you make lemonade and give into the universe’s suggestions!   So, I…

Books in a Barn

I visited a magical place. Five stories of books in a barn. Chairs of different sizes and shapes in each aisle a new discovery. Baldwin’s Book Barn. West Chester, PA.

Éclat = épatant

Éclat is a delicious local chocolatier in West Chester, founded by Christopher Curtin. I’d seen some of the chocolate bars in DiBruno’s but didn’t realize they were from the area! After the Book Barn and before Gemelli‘s, we stopped by to check out the chocolates and I’m so glad we did! Their flavor combinations are…

Gelato on a hot summer day

A friend and I journeyed to West Chester today, and encountered some lovely gelato at Gemelli. The owner is an Italian who moved to the US after meeting his wife when she studied abroad in Italy (cute!! <3). He has definitely brought the Italian secrets of delicious gelato making with him! I tried the chocolate…

Cats of Philly

West Philly has a lot of cats. While walking back to Penn’s campus last night, we encountered this friendly fluff. Not sure if it was really a stray (it was so friendly!) but I hope it has somewhere to call home.

Ramen in Philly

Apparently, I have taken on a second quest (in addition to the Donut Odyssey). To find the best ramen in Philly. So far, I’ve tried Terakawa Ramen, Yamitsuki Ramen and Ramen Bar. While all have something to offer (Terakawa has good buns and a solid soup…but just a tad too heavy for my taste, and…

Jinxed: a store that let’s you time travel

I’ve always had a thing for history, historical places/objects/knick knacks, historic photos, or just simply old things (and people). In Passyunk (and a fhew oter places in Philly), the vintage furniture etc. shop, Jinxed, will let you time travel (and take photos!). I didn’t spend too much time in the shop, but came away with…

Shots from South Philly

South Philly: Passyunk and Italian Market. Public Service Announcement: Water ice is a delicious, magical thing. I recommend John’s Pineapple flavor. I give the East Coast props. Or maybe I was just living under a rock in California. Who knows.