Franklin Square

Sometimes, all you have to do is travel a block or two to find something marvelous. I go to Chinatown every week, and I never realized this little park was right next door! Franklin Square, Philadelphia on a sunny Sunday.

Books in a Barn

I visited a magical place. Five stories of books in a barn. Chairs of different sizes and shapes in each aisle a new discovery. Baldwin’s Book Barn. West Chester, PA.

Gelato on a hot summer day

A friend and I journeyed to West Chester today, and encountered some lovely gelato at Gemelli. The owner is an Italian who moved to the US after meeting his wife when she studied abroad in Italy (cute!! <3). He has definitely brought the Italian secrets of delicious gelato making with him! I tried the chocolate…

Delaware River Waterfront

Yesterday, a friend and I decided to take a walking photography adventure from South Philly/Passyunk up to Old City, including the Delaware River Waterfront.

Flowers, Flags and Other Findings

It’s 4th of July weekend, so the boutiques of Old City had displays full of red, white and blue. I came upon the Cafe Olé, which looks amazing (both food and exterior, see the yellow doors). I didn’t have a chance to stop by, but definitely next time!

A Secret Garden

While wandering around Old City today, snapping pictures as I do, I came across an open gate door and a charming little alley with an ivy covered archway just a few feet away. Though the door was open, I hesitated, thinking it a private residential walkway. Still, I reasoned that the door was open, there was no…

Scenes from Philadelphian Life

I love walking, meandering and flâning about different places. Though my photography skills aren’t at a place where I can capture exactly what I hope to about a specific moment, these snapshots give a glimpse into the kinds of images that caught my interest recently when I was walking around (mostly central) Philadelphia. I find…