Steam and Shadows

Slowly uploading my New York photos. You can also find them on Instagram.

EuroNostalgie: La lumière et le reflet

Light, shadows and reflections, these are a few of my favorite things. Paris 2011-2012. At the Opéra Garnier and the Louvre. I stood in line for hours outside the opera in 2012 to get the free Bastille Day tickets. I’m going to say coming away with these few shots alone was worth it.

EuroNostalgie: La Tour

I’ve been on an Instagram craze for the past week or so and haven’t had time to draw or blog, but I thought I’d come back this week with a compilation series of my photos from Europe from September-March 2011/2012, Summer 2012, and September-May 2014/2015 (and summer 2014 if I can locate those). Without any further ado,…

Jinxed: a store that let’s you time travel

I’ve always had a thing for history, historical places/objects/knick knacks, historic photos, or just simply old things (and people). In Passyunk (and a fhew oter places in Philly), the vintage furniture etc. shop, Jinxed, will let you time travel (and take photos!). I didn’t spend too much time in the shop, but came away with…

Blue Skies

Sometimes, the world doesn’t feel too bright fear, pain, anger, numbness   So, sometimes, I look up at the sky and Hope. Knowing that wishing isn’t enough, but doing it anyway, so that the universe might give humanity a chance.