Nightly Sketch 15

The past few days I’ve been working on this (Nouveau)Art Nouveau/Alphonse Mucha-inspired drawing. Hopefully the next one will be more Mucha-y.

Revisiting Doisneau: NightlySketch14

After a hiatus, I’m back to drawing. Tonight’s models were Doisneau’s beautiful photos from the mid 20th century. Tools: pencil, eraser, Micron pens (02, 05, 08), Tombow brush markers (15, 95, 75).

Nightly Sketchy 9/10

After a brief hiatus (I attended a friend’s wedding where I got overexcited and took 700+ photographs, and spent one night of the hiatus editing those), I present to you NightSketch9/10.    

Nightly Sketch 5

Perhaps the sketchiest of the series so far. Note the hand that does not look like a hand, the glass that’s not too much like a glass, the cake that looks like a taco (although, I remember thinking it looked like a taco in real life…so), and the kouignettes that I forgot to color before…

(Almost) Nightly Sketching

For last night’s iteration, after skipping a day, I decided to Google some vintage fashion magazines (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc) and photographs. These drawings are based on those. Some resemble the actual images…others do not, but hey, just making them my own I guess. During my lunch break at work/internship today, I went to get…

Scenes of Summer

I always take a few snapshots of scenes with the intention of drawing them afterward. Characteristic of my summerly spurts of creativity and inspiration/motivation to actually do the things I always want to do, I decided to start drawing again. Tonight is Night 3 of my #nightlysketch (although more accurately #nightlydraw?), which I’ll get to…