Books in a Barn

I visited a magical place. Five stories of books in a barn. Chairs of different sizes and shapes in each aisle a new discovery. Baldwin’s Book Barn. West Chester, PA. Advertisements

Éclat = épatant

Éclat is a delicious local chocolatier in West Chester, founded by Christopher Curtin. I’d seen some of the chocolate bars in DiBruno’s but didn’t realize they were from the area! After the Book Barn and before Gemelli‘s, we stopped by to check out the chocolates and I’m so glad we did! Their flavor combinations are…

Japanese Curry

The objective of tonight’s dinner was to make something easy that would last for a while and would feed me multiple times… so I made Japanese curry, or カレーライス。 It’s really so, so easy. And so, so yummy. All you need is some meat (or no meat, if you prefer), 1-2 onions, 1 carrot and…

Gelato on a hot summer day

A friend and I journeyed to West Chester today, and encountered some lovely gelato at Gemelli. The owner is an Italian who moved to the US after meeting his wife when she studied abroad in Italy (cute!! <3). He has definitely brought the Italian secrets of delicious gelato making with him! I tried the chocolate…

Nightly Sketch 15

The past few days I’ve been working on this (Nouveau)Art Nouveau/Alphonse Mucha-inspired drawing. Hopefully the next one will be more Mucha-y.

Cats of Philly

West Philly has a lot of cats. While walking back to Penn’s campus last night, we encountered this friendly fluff. Not sure if it was really a stray (it was so friendly!) but I hope it has somewhere to call home.

Making Essays, Crafting Cookies

While working through my personal statement drafts (the application season has begun!), I was thinking of cookies (as one does, naturally) and thinking of how essay writing is so much like cookie dough making. Whenever I’m trying to put together an essay, I feel like I’m a crazed witch with a bubbling cauldron full of ingredients that…

Revisiting Doisneau: NightlySketch14

After a hiatus, I’m back to drawing. Tonight’s models were Doisneau’s beautiful photos from the mid 20th century. Tools: pencil, eraser, Micron pens (02, 05, 08), Tombow brush markers (15, 95, 75).

Nightly Sketchy 9/10

After a brief hiatus (I attended a friend’s wedding where I got overexcited and took 700+ photographs, and spent one night of the hiatus editing those), I present to you NightSketch9/10.    

Ramen in Philly

Apparently, I have taken on a second quest (in addition to the Donut Odyssey). To find the best ramen in Philly. So far, I’ve tried Terakawa Ramen, Yamitsuki Ramen and Ramen Bar. While all have something to offer (Terakawa has good buns and a solid soup…but just a tad too heavy for my taste, and…