More Books! More Candy!

Today’s Sunday walk consisted of roaming around my favorite parts of Philadelphia. After yesterday’s visit to the Book Barn and Eclat, I wasn’t planning on entering any more book shops or candy stores for a while……but when life gives you lemons (or chocolates, caramels and books), you make lemonade and give into the universe’s suggestions!


So, I ended up waltzing into Shane Confectionery yet again, and was delighted to discover that they’ve changed some of their offerings (and updated their window display)! Their round, see-through lollipops now feature rounds of fruit – I think these are even prettier than the ones they had before! And of course, they had their usual selection of chocolates and caramels as well as new blue and red donkeys and elephants for this year’s election season (and also probably because the DNC was in Philly).

After Shane’s, I decided to roam around a few more blocks and discovered the Book Trader. An amazing secondhand book shoppe! I loved the organized chaos of the various aisles, towering with books, VHSs, CDs, vinyl records and even cute postcards and cards! I was happy to find that there was a foreign language literature section, and picked up some André Gide (for less than 4 bucks, woo!).


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