Japanese Curry

The objective of tonight’s dinner was to make something easy that would last for a while and would feed me multiple times… so I made Japanese curry, or カレーライス。

It’s really so, so easy. And so, so yummy. All you need is some meat (or no meat, if you prefer), 1-2 onions, 1 carrot and 1 potato (but really all these things are up to you, if you really like potatos, put in another one, if you don’t like carrots, either chop them up reaaaaal small or just put a little bit in), and a package of Japanese curry roux (I use Java Curry, Hot). You can definitely make your own roux, but I would say the vast majority of Japanese households use the ready-made box.

After you wash, peel and chop the vegetables, start by lightly sauteeing any meat you have, followed by the veggies. When the beef is browned (doesn’t have to be fully cooked), add enough water to cover everything. Bring it to a boil, skim off the scum etc, after you have a pretty clean soup, add the cubes of curry roux (there are directions on the box). If you wish, you can add a few more spices to bring up the spice level. I added S&B curry powder and some Korean gochugaru. Let the curry bubble slightly and you can serve it right away or wait some more. Curry is delicious the next day as well, and really for the rest of the week. Towards the end, if you’re tired of eating curry rice, you can make the rest of your curry into a soup and add udon for curry udon! woo!

This is most important: don’t forget to make your rice…..I did that once and was really sad for the extra 30 minutes that I had to wait.


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