Ramen in Philly

Apparently, I have taken on a second quest (in addition to the Donut Odyssey). To find the best ramen in Philly.

So far, I’ve tried Terakawa Ramen, Yamitsuki Ramen and Ramen Bar. While all have something to offer (Terakawa has good buns and a solid soup…but just a tad too heavy for my taste, and I guess I’m used to a stronger broth, Yamitsuki is fun, the decor, desserts, drink receptacles..Ramen Bar…well you’ll read on), Ramen Bar is definitely my favorite so far.

The ramen is solid in a great way. While it’s not Japan, the shoyu ramen was a basic, clean tasting broth. I don’t love benishoga in my ramen, and it was there, but I could deal. It is also the only ramen place in Philly so far that has chahan (fried rice). Although they sadly didn’t have hanchahan (half-fried rice, which is often an option in Japanese ramen places), I’ll have to try it next time I go. The takoyaki had a crunchy exterior which I wasn’t expecting, but it was nice. 🙂

Yay ramen!


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