A Secret Garden

While wandering around Old City today, snapping pictures as I do, I came across an open gate door and a charming little alley with an ivy covered archway just a few feet away. Though the door was open, I hesitated, thinking it a private residential walkway. Still, I reasoned that the door was open, there was no sign and nothing to really keep me from waltzing on in. As my French host dad always said, if the door to a courtyard is open, you can go into the court yard. And if worst comes to worst, I can always say I’m lost.

Anyway, as I ventured inside, camera in hand, I encountered a lovely little courtyard with delightful flowers, statues, chirping birds and other miscellaneous charms. I felt like I found my very own (not so) Secret Garden.

I found out after coming home that this magical garden (Loxley Courtyard) was home to Benjamin Loxley, friend of Benjamin Franklin, and his house key may have been used in the fabled kite experiment.


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