In Search of a Donut: Journey 2 (after the dentist)

A few days ago, I traveled to the dentist for what was supposed to be a normal check up/clean up. Unfortunately, I had developed a cavity and had to get a shot (my dentist said I took it rather well…what else was there to do but tense up, flinch once and bear it silently? lol) and all the bells (drills) and whistles (fillings) that accompanied the treatment. Before watching my dentist stare a few seconds too long at my teeth x-rays, I was thinking this past half year was one of my better ones dental hygiene-wise too… better luck next time, I guess. Or I guess better flossing.

Anyway, my mom and I headed to Oakland’s Donut Savant afterwards (yes, after a trip to the dentist where I had a cavity) to discover what the hype was about. The shop has interestingly-shaped donuts and seem to go for rather small sizes and simple flavors (chocolate, glazed, a few jams). I thought the presentation was nice, but I think I prefer the Doughnut Dolly ones over these. The texture wasn’t particularly fantastic (I prefer a fluffier dough) and the flavors weren’t extraordinary either (not bad, just not particularly wowing). In summary: the donuts are fine; neither bad nor fantastic. Verdict: the Hodgepodge Donut Odyssey (new series title?) continues!

One thing I appreciated with Donut Savant, though, is that with smaller sizes came smaller prices. I also noticed that some Yelpers appreciated these smaller sizes because eating them made them feel less guilty. I never feel guilty after eating donuts, but if it’s the case for you, then you might want to check out these donuts. Or, you might just want to get a few donut holes from any other donut shop. Anyway, everything in moderation 🙂 I should also mention that this place has cron’ts which are basically cronuts. My mom had one and was not impressed, and I’m not really sure what to say because 1) I didn’t eat it, 2) it looked hard to chew and 3) I’ve never had the original Dominique Ansel cronuts. Every time I’ve been to New York (which comes to a grand total of…twice lol) I’ve contemplated visiting the bakery but I also think about the lines and decide against it. This summer I’ll have some time to explore the city though (yay for cheap Philly ⇒ New York bus tickets), so maybe I’ll finally face the line.


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