In Search of a Donut: Journey 1

Although I was never a huge fan of donuts, I’ve eaten many in the past year (probably due to the fact that I live near a pretty good donut place, and that many of my grad class treat/freebie events involved these donuts) and have noticed that shmancy donut places are on the rise. In Philadelphia, I’ve eaten my share of Federal Donuts, but also the handmade Beiler’s donuts (which are less fancy).

However, I have yet to discover The Donut – the magnificent, perfect specimen. I have a hunch that it might come in the style of a traditional, no-frills donut in a no-frills donut shop (like Colonial Donuts), but I’m prepared to search far and wide for that perfect O.

My dad wanted to try Doughnut Dolly (in Oakland and in Berkeley) and so we went to grab a box yesterday. While the aesthetics of the shop are charming (and definitely Instagram ready) and the donuts were fine, my search continues. For $3 a pop (and extra if you would like a glazed donut), these filled donuts were not my perfect cuppa tea.

That being said, here are the highlights!

1) It’s fun to watch each of your donuts being filled-to-order. 2) There were four fillings to choose from (naughty cream, coconut cream, dark chocolate cream, and pluot jam) and four donut exteriors to choose from (the glazed were sold out so I only tried the basic sugar ones) which is mix-and-match fun. 3) While the dough didn’t seem too special (except that it was airy and reminded me of Japanese agepan), the creams were delightfully light (if a little too subtle in taste). 4) It seems like the batches are fresh since they frequently sell out before closing time.

Have you found your special donut?


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