The Franklin Fountain


Next door to the Shane Confectionery, is the Franklin Fountain, an ice cream parlor/soda fountain with antique charm (though it’s only been around since 2004). It’s owned by the brothers who took over Shane’s, and has the same kind of carefully planned and researched decor.

Today, Philadelphia was in the mid-70s Fahrenheit with plenty of sunshine, so I thought I’d trek 30 blocks to the other side of town to get me a scoop of ice cream. (There was a group of older folks behind me who were talking about how this must be a popular place with college kids but how they didn’t think this line was due to that because they probably wouldn’t trek out here just for ice cream. Well…) Unfortunately, dozens of other people had the same idea so I was stuck waiting in line for what was probably 15-20 minutes. That ended up being a good thing, though, because it gave me plenty of time to 1) take photos and 2) choose what I was going to get! Before arriving to the ice cream shop, I thought I was going to get mango sorbet, but after waiting in line and thinking about the Shane chocolates next door, I opted for the chocolatey Rocky Road instead.

And since I’ve never been one to restrain myself from ordering multiple things, I noticed that Franklin Fountain has a selection of 25 different soda syrups (some are even made in-house)! I narrowed my choices down to honey, grapefruit, lavender or rose and decided to go with the rose. I’ll opt for one of the in-house syrups next time.

Things to know: 1) it’s cash only, 2) it’s friendly, 3) saturdays = lots of dogs, kids and families (particularly when there’s sunshine), 4) there are a ton of choices but they do their best to help you decide. the flavors are posted in multiple places and there are menus at the entrance (probably for crowded days like today), 5) they also sell fun old-time candy like candy cigarettes and gum brands that I’ve never seen anywhere else.


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