Welcome, world, to Hodgepodge Adventures.

Now that my duties blogging as a Graduate Assistant for PennGSE have come to a close (view it here), I thought I would start afresh with a new WordPress where I could deposit a hodgepodge of my thoughts, travels, writings, photos and anything else that comes to mind.

On the blog, you can expect to find posts about:

  • Food.
    • I love food. I have loved food for as long as I can remember; there are so many home videos of me in a highchair getting food stuffed in my face. I grew up with lots of Japanese food at home, and being blessed with the foodtopia that is the SF Bay Area, I basically grew up eating a whole lot of everything (and particularly Asian food). I am constantly on the look out for new places to eat but also trying to satisfy my usual cravings (like Vietnamese pho) while trying to not waste too much money.
    • I love photographing food.
    • I also like to cook, so you might find a few posts on cooking.
  • Travel/Cities/Streets
    • I’m not sure how much travelling I’ll be doing, but I do love walking in cities and uncovering places unknown to me and kind of soaking in that street/neighborhood/building’s story.
    • I take random photos of things that I find so you can look forward to those.
    • I’ve spent a good chunk of time in France (I also documented my adventures there on a wordpress) so there will most likely be references to Paris or France.
  • (Grad)school/Research/Education
    • I’m currently a master’s student in education (Education, Culture and Society) and so education is often on my mind. I am on a quest to find my own little niche in education where I might be able to do the most effective work. I am passionate about the need for high quality public education, arts and foreign language education and a whole lot of other things.

In the past few years, I’ve increasingly wanted to develop my writing skills and share stories about the snippets of the world that I like. This blog is an attempt to really begin doing so.

Happy reading!



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  1. Looking forward to reading more!


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